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MediaVue is Now Assured Platform.


Digital Out-of-Home Communications

Networks Evolve.
We Evolve with them.

For over fifteen years Assured Platform has worked closely with integrators, partners, and end-customers to understand how to best deploy and manage Digital Out-of-home communications networks at scale.

Rest Assured.
We've done the work.

Our platform is the result of over two hundred thousand hours of collective work building the most stable, secure, and scalable solution on the market.

Digital Endpoints

Integrated Panels and Media Players engineered for performance and reliability.



As the heart of our platform, our proprietary operating system is built and managed to scale.

Network Management

Designed specifically to decrease the cost of deploying and managing large scale networks.

Platform Support

People that know your network, and a warranty that backs the entire platform.

We support globally and have staff in US, UK and MEA.

Headquartered in U.K. , where our software development, hardware assembly, and support are based.


Software and hardware engineered specifically for Digital Out-of-home communications networks.


With a global footprint and headquarters in U.K., our experienced team is with you for the entirety of the project.


Turnkey solutions delivered in conjunction with our partners enable consistent deployment and reduced operating costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assured Platform?

Assured Platform is a leading provider of digital signage solutions, offering a range of products designed to meet diverse needs of enterprise digital signage environments.  Our platform include the SureVue series, equipped with ABEL OS and Active Network Manager for streamlined installation and configuration.

What are the key features of the SureVue digital endpoints?
  • Stable, secure, and scalable performance.
  • Various video outputs, including multiple 4K options.
  • Low power consumption and high operating temperatures.
  • A range of I/O ports for versatile connectivity.
  • Preconfigured ABEL OS with leading CMS solutions.
  • Designed, Assembled, and Supported – Boston, MA
What operating systems do Assured Platform products support?

Our products support ABEL OS based on Linux, as well as Windows 10 LTSC or Windows 10 IoT for certain models, providing flexibility and security for your digital signage needs.

What kind of warranty does Assured Platform offer?

Assured Platform offers up to a 5-year warranty on its products, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

Can Assured Platform products be used for high-resolution displays?

Yes, our SureVue series supports high-resolution displays, including 4K outputs, making them ideal for a variety of display needs.

How does Assured Platform ensure ease of installation and configuration?

Our products are delivered ready for ‘plug & play’ installation with ABEL OS and Active Network Manager. This ensures streamlined setup and rapid configuration for multiple screens.

Are there wireless connectivity options available?

Yes, our products offer options such as dual-band WiFi and global 4G cellular connectivity, providing flexibility for different installation environments.

How energy-efficient are Assured Platform products?

Assured Platform products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, with low idle and average power consumption across the range.

Can Assured Platform products be integrated with various CMS platforms?

Yes, Assured Platform products are designed for compatibility with leading CMS solutions. They come preconfigured with ABEL OS, which supports seamless integration with various content management systems, ensuring versatile use across different digital signage applications.

What makes Assured Platform products suitable for diverse environments?

Assured Platform products are engineered for stability, security, and scalability, making them suitable for a wide range of environments. With features like high maximum operating temperatures, robust internal components, and optional global 4G cellular connectivity, our devices perform reliably in various settings from industrial spaces to corporate meeting rooms. Their compact and efficient design also ensures they can be easily integrated into different spatial configurations.

How do Assured Platform products handle high-temperature environments?

Assured Platform products are designed to operate efficiently in high-temperature environments, with a maximum operating temperature of 140° F (60° C). This makes them ideal for use in various industrial and commercial settings where temperature control can be a challenge.

Are there different models in the SureVue series for various display needs?

Yes, the SureVue series includes several models, each tailored for specific display requirements. From models supporting single 1080p displays to those capable of handling multiple 4K outputs, our range caters to diverse needs, whether it’s for a single display or an extensive multi-screen setup.

How does Assured Platform ensure the security of its digital signage solutions?

Security is a cornerstone of our product design. Assured Platform products utilise secure operating systems and offer features like regular updates and robust network management tools. This ensures that our digital signage solutions are not only efficient and reliable but also secure against potential cyber threats.

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