Our platform’s features are the result of nearly two decades of work increasing operability and decreasing the cost of Digital Out-of-home communications networks.   

System Pre-configuration

Configuring Digital Endpoints in the field is costly and inconsistent – leading to even more costs down the road. Our Digital Endpoints are ready for installation out of the box.

  • ABEL preinstalled
  • Rapid-config software preinstalled
  • No desktop ensures installation consistency
  • Active Network Manager client preinstalled
  • Application software preinstalled

Remote Network Setup

Once a Digital Endpoint has been physically installed and connected to a network, a remote network administrator is able to complete the setup through Active Network Manager (ANM).

  • Remotely preconfigure settings prior to Endpoint installation
  • Settings are Endpoint specific, group based or network wide
  • Endpoint and display settings are automatically updated when connected to ANM
  • Remote adjustments can be made to the network at any time
  • Remotely verify every system is installed, configured, and operating as intended

Active Network Management

To ensure that the network is functioning as intended, and to quickly resolve issues when they do arise, our remote management tools are constantly monitoring the overall health of the network.

  • Maintains a real time database of exactly what hardware and software is deployed
  • Preventative analysis of hardware components reduces potential issues
  • All events such as power and network losses are logged
  • Large scale network health provided at a glance

Automated Failure Resolution

Deploying technicians to the field for troubleshooting and repairs is expensive. Our platform greatly reduces operating costs by automatically detecting and repairing many of the most common issues that arise in the field.

All actions are conducted without any human intervention.

Power Loss:

  • Endpoint powers back on
  • Filesystem scanned and repaired
  • Endpoint boots into the operating system
  • Application software launched
  • Network connectivity is restored
  • Event is logged in ANM

Network Connectivity Loss:

  • Cached content continues playing
  • Endpoint reestablishes connection
  • Event is logged in ANM

Application Software Failure:

  • The OS detects the application software is unresponsive
  • Application software instance is terminated
  • Application software restarted
  • Event is logged in ANM

Operating System Failure:

  • Hardware detects the operating system has failed
  • A reboot is initialed
  • If reboot succeeds, event is logged in ANM
  • If reboot fails multiple times, the system enters maintenance mode and sends an alert

Display Assurance

Ensuring displays are working and showing the intended content is critical to communications networks of any size. Our platform continuously employs an automated display assurance program to verify displays are actually showing what you intend them to.

Our platform continually monitors to ensure:

Media Player

  • CMS is running
  • Content is playing
  • Graphics processor outputting


  • Media Player & Display are properly connected


  • Has power
  • Powered on
  • Proper Resolution
  • Display at correct resolution
  • Proper input selected

If the system detects that the display power or input has been changed, it automatically reverts back to the intended setting and sends a log through ANM.

Platform Security & Stability Updates

Maintaining up to date security measures and performance upgrades is essential to every network, irrespective of size. Our managed operating system updates both keep the network safe and dramatically reduce the risk of downtime when updating.

Performance and security updates are curated, tested, and released every three months. If a significant security threat arises outside the standard release cycle, an additional update is made available. Updates are delivered through Active Network Manager. Each update can include modifications to BIOS, firmware, drivers, operating system, application software and ABEL’s proprietary software.

Global Connectivity

Through our global telecommunications partner, Assured Platform offers our own global 4G connectivity solution. Cellular modems, SIM cards and data contracts are all offered directly from Assured Platform, streamlining both the technology and logistics of deploying a network-wide cellular connectivity plan.

Network Evolution

With Remote Core, part of an Active Network Manager Premium subscription, we can build and remotely deploy an entirely new operating system and software suite to your Endpoints, eliminating the need for field updating or hardware swapping. Remote Core dramatically extends the life of the hardware and enables networks to grow and adapt over their life with relatively little cost.