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Choosing the right SureVue

Choosing the right digital signage hardware is crucial for a successful deployment. Assured Platform offers a range of SureVue players to fit different performance needs and screen configurations. When selecting a player, there are several factors to consider, such as the number of screens, resolution, and the performance required for your application.

(All players available with Assured Platform’s Custom Linux OS or Windows 10)


The “SureVueC1” is a compact player designed for single screen deployments. It is ideal for basic content display and small-scale applications that do not require high performance.  The C1 is a fanless media player which is perfect for small space and high dust or grease environments.


The “SureVueD1” is designed for high performance single or dual screen deployments. Natively the D1 can handle two display, each at 4K(60Hz) resolution.  D1 projects often include IPTV, Wayfinding, or Touch Interactivity.


The “SureVueD4” is a powerful player capable of driving up to four screens natively with 4K resolution at 60Hz for each screen. The D4 is perfect for video wall deployments that have high-performance requirements.  Capable of 2×2 ,4×1, and 4×1 layouts, the D4 can provide flexibility when deploying video wall signage.


The “SureVueD6” is the most powerful player in Assured Platform’s range, capable of driving six screens natively with 4K resolution at 60Hz for each screen.  Capable of 3×2 ,6×1, and 6×1 layouts, the D6 can provide reliability when creating video wall experiences.

SureVue Panels

The “SureVue Panel” is an Integrated Touch Panel PC.  The player and screen combined in one unit to form the integration.  Designed for room scheduling and visitor management.  Available sizes include 10″, 15″ and 21″

Please see the following guides for Setting up a SureVue

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