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Cloud-Based Digital Signage options

The realm of visual communication has been significantly transformed by the advent of cloud-based digital signage. This modern solution leverages the power of cloud computing to offer dynamic, flexible, and efficient ways to manage and display content. In this comprehensive guide, we explore various solutions, focusing on both desktop app and URL-based systems, to help businesses identify the best fit for their needs.

Understanding Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Cloud-based digital signage refers to digital sign displays that are managed and updated through the cloud. This approach offers several advantages, including remote management, scalability, and ease of content update. As businesses seek innovative ways to engage with their audience, cloud-based digital signage stands out as a versatile and effective tool.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Digital Signage

  • Remote Management: Allows updating and controlling displays from anywhere, at any time.
  • Scalability: Easily scales with the business, from a few screens to thousands.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces the need for physical hardware and maintenance.

Desktop App options 

Desktop app-based systems are known for their robust performance and versatility, making them ideal for complex and interactive digital signage deployments.

1. Appspace

Appspace is a leading solution in the cloud-based digital signage space, offering extensive capabilities in content management and interactive displays.

Features and Advantages

  • Interactive Display Capabilities: Enhances audience engagement through interactive kiosks and displays.
  • Comprehensive Content Management: Allows for efficient management of diverse content types, essential for dynamic digital signage.

2. Korbyt

Korbyt differentiates itself with its advanced analytics and personalized content delivery, making it a top choice for data-driven digital signage strategies.

Features and Advantages

  • Analytics-Driven Content: Tailors content based on viewer interactions and preferences, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.
  • Robust CMS: Supports a variety of content formats, enabling diverse and vibrant digital signage displays.

3. 22miles

22miles brings innovation to cloud-based digital signage with its touchless technology and advanced wayfinding solutions.

Features and Advantages

  • Touchless Interaction Technology: Offers safe and innovative interaction options, ideal for modern public spaces.
  • Advanced 3D Wayfinding: Enhances visitor experience in large facilities with intuitive and engaging directional content.

4. Wallboard

Wallboard is recognized for its user-friendly design and customizable templates.

Detailed Features

  • Customization: It provides an array of customizable templates, catering to different industries and content needs.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is designed for ease, making digital signage accessible to users with limited technical skills.
  • Comprehensive Content Management: Wallboard allows for efficient management of various content types, from video to dynamic data feeds.

5. Navori

Navori focuses on scalability and seamless integration, ideal for extensive digital signage networks.

Detailed Features

  • Scalable Solutions: Its architecture supports large-scale deployments, maintaining performance across extensive networks.
  • Integration Capabilities: Navori integrates smoothly with various data sources and enterprise systems, enhancing content relevance and timeliness.
  • Real-Time Content Management: The platform allows for immediate content updates, crucial for dynamic and responsive signage needs.


URL-Based Signage Options 

URL-based cloud digital signage systems offer a simpler, more cost-effective solution for businesses looking for basic content display capabilities.

1. Yodeck

Yodeck emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, making it a perfect match for small and medium-sized businesses venturing into cloud-based digital signage.

Features and Advantages

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Ensures quick content updates and easy management, ideal for businesses with limited technical resources.
  • Wide Format Support: Accommodates various media formats, providing flexibility in content creation.

2. Screencloud

Screencloud is versatile and user-friendly, offering seamless integration with various content sources.

Features and Advantages

  • Seamless Content Integration: Integrates with a range of content sources, enhancing the diversity and relevance of displayed content.
  • Cloud-Based Operation: Facilitates remote management and updating of digital signage content, a key advantage of cloud-based solutions.

3. Novisign

Novisign combines functionality with simplicity, offering an efficient solution.

Features and Advantages

  • Intuitive Design Tools: Allows for quick and easy content creation, lowering the barrier to entry for effective digital signage.
  • Real-Time Content Updates: Essential for keeping digital signage displays timely and relevant.

Choosing the Right Solution

When selecting a cloud-based digital signage system, consider the specific needs of your business. Desktop app-based solutions like Appspace and Korbyt are ideal for businesses requiring advanced features and interactive capabilities. On the other hand, URL-based systems like Yodeck and Screencloud are more suited for straightforward content displays and are particularly cost-effective for smaller businesses.


Cloud-based digital signage is a powerful tool for businesses to enhance communication and engagement with their audience. Whether you choose a desktop app-based system for its advanced features or a URL-based system for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, the right cloud-based digital signage solution can revolutionize the way you connect with your audience.