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Enabling Compliance Mode

Compliance mode is an important feature in Assured Platform’s Active Network Manager (ANM) that allows users to enforce configuration, power, and display policies on their SureVue digital signage players. With this mode enabled, any changes made to these policies will be automatically enforced, providing greater control and stability in managing digital signage networks.

One of the key benefits of compliance mode is the ability to ensure that your digital signage network is always running smoothly and according to your desired policies. For example, if you set a power schedule for your screen through ANM, compliance mode will ensure that the screen is turned on and off according to the schedule. If someone tries to turn off the screen during the hours when it is supposed to be on, the player will automatically turn the screen back on, enforcing your configuration.

Another benefit is its ability to prevent unauthorized changes to your configuration settings. With compliance mode enabled, only authorized users can modify the configuration settings on the player. This helps to prevent accidental or intentional changes to the configuration that can cause disruptions to your digital signage network.

This locking mode can be particularly useful when managing a large population of digital signage players. It provides a simple and efficient way to ensure that all players are running according to the same configuration settings. This reduces the amount of time and effort required to manage each player individually and helps to ensure consistency across the entire network.

To enable this mode through ANM, simply click into any SureVue player and scroll down to the configuration menu.  Select enable “compliance mode”  “General” tab of the player interface.   Once enabled, compliance mode will automatically enforce the configuration, power, and display policies for the selected players.

Compliance mode

Compliance mode

Understanding Compliance Mode in Assured Platform’s Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solutions

Introduction: In the rapidly evolving world of digital signage, ensuring compliance with various standards and regulations is paramount. Assured Platform’s compliance mode in our cloud-based digital signage solutions offers a streamlined approach to meet these requirements. This feature is especially beneficial for sectors with stringent regulations, such as healthcare, finance, and education.

What is Compliance Mode? Compliance mode in Assured Platform’s cloud-based digital signage platforms is a specialized feature designed to help organizations adhere to industry-specific regulations and standards. It provides an extra layer of security and control, ensuring that your digital signage content and operations comply with legal and corporate policies.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Our compliance mode reinforces the security of your cloud-based digital signage, safeguarding sensitive information and protecting against unauthorized access.
  • Regulatory Adherence: It ensures that your digital signage network meets the specific regulatory requirements of your industry, be it HIPAA in healthcare, FINRA in finance, or FERPA in education.
  • Audit Trails: The feature maintains detailed logs of content changes and system access, essential for audits and compliance checks.

How Compliance Mode Works: Compliance mode operates by enforcing predetermined rules and restrictions on your digital signage network.

Why Choose Assured Platform’s Cloud-Based Digital Signage? Assured Platform’s cloud-based digital signage solutions, equipped with compliance mode, offer unparalleled security and adaptability. Our commitment to maintaining high standards of compliance and security makes us a trusted partner for organizations across various sectors.

Conclusion: Compliance mode is a critical feature for any organization using digital signage in regulated environments. By choosing Assured Platform’s cloud-based digital signage solutions, you can ensure that your digital signage network is not only dynamic and engaging but also fully compliant with industry regulations.

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