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CMS integration – Korbyt


In the digital era, effective communication is the cornerstone of success for businesses across industries. That’s why the seamless integration of Assured Platform and Korbyt is a game-changer. By combining the cutting-edge features of Assured Platform’s Windows 10 Operating System with the intelligent content management system of Korbyt, organizations can take their communication strategy to new heights.

Streamlined Deployment: Simplifying the Process With Assured Platform’s integrated platform, the deployment of Korbyt CMS becomes effortless. By eliminating the need for separate software installations, we reduce complexity and save valuable time for our clients. This streamlined approach allows businesses to focus on their core objectives and swiftly bring their digital signage networks to life.

Enhanced Performance and Compatibility: Unleashing Potential The amalgamation of Korbyt CMS and Assured Platform’s Windows 10 OS unlocks a world of possibilities. The seamless integration ensures optimal performance, stability, and compatibility. Clients can harness the full potential of Korbyt CMS, confident in the knowledge that their digital signage solution will operate seamlessly and flawlessly.

Expanding Horizons – Kiosk Mode and PWA:  In addition to its compatibility with Assured Platform’s Windows 10 OS, Korbyt CMS offers a light application called “PWA.” This innovative feature enables operation on Assured Platform’s Linux OS through Kiosk Mode. This flexibility empowers businesses to choose the OS that best suits their needs while still enjoying the full benefits of the Korbyt CMS ecosystem.

Platform Managed Services: A Commitment to Excellence At Assured Platform, we go above and beyond to ensure the ongoing success of our clients. Our platform managed services provide regular curated updates, including the latest Korbyt CMS client, essential OS performance enhancements, and critical security patches. This proactive approach guarantees that businesses can stay at the forefront of digital signage technology, all while enjoying the peace of mind that their systems are up to date and secure.

Conclusion: The integration of Korbyt CMS on Assured Platform’s platform represents a powerful union that empowers businesses to create captivating digital experiences. With seamless deployment, enhanced performance, and platform managed services, Assured Platform ensures that clients can leverage the full potential of Korbyt CMS effortlessly. Embrace the future of digital signage with Assured Platform and Korbyt CMS, and witness your message come to life in the most engaging and impactful way possible.




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